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Leading Our Future, Learning From Our Past


Farmer - Rancher

Bart grew up on a farm in Michigan, milking cows and haying with his brothers for their landlord, as well as raising and milking goats for his family.

Bart met and married his wife Trish, and together they raised five daughters. Hired on as a foreman on a ranch in Colorado, Bart attended Ranching for Profit School, which changed everything he had known about ranching and livestock management. This gave cause to relocating to a more productive part of the country, Iowa.

After joining Practical Farmers of Iowa, Bart met John and Shirley Waite, and is helping to transform their farm from conventional farming to an all forage based livestock enterprise.

Future plans include adding beef, poultry, pork and other on farm product sales, as well as helping to teach other farmers/ranchers and school aged children the possibilities of sustainable farming practices.